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​5 Tips For The Busy Mom: Spring Clean Your Home Quickly & Easily

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With the lovely springtime comes the not-so-lovely task of spring cleaning. The big irony here is when we want to be spending more time outside in the warmer weather, we find ourselves drawn to cleaning up the inside.

Nobody wants to drag out cleaning any longer than they have to, and you have some gorgeous spring days to enjoy outside. So here are five simple tips that will help you make the most of your spring cleaning and do it in a shorter amount of time!

1. Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Love or Need

There is no reason to clean up around things you no longer need or want. Having a mass purge of any furniture, clothes, old toiletries, food items, decorations, books, games, or toys that you and your family aren’t loving anymore is the best way to start your spring cleaning process. Removing all unnecessary items before you begin will save you time and prevent you from some real wasted energy.

Remember this, “Everything you keep must be cleaned. Less stuff = less cleaning.”

Then you can either sell everything that’s still in great condition on one of the popular garage sale social media groups or you could give it away to charities that help parents and children.

Decluttered wardrobe featured on Buzzfeed

2. Go Room by Room

The truth is that we rarely have a full weekend of uninterrupted time to get the spring-cleaning done and out of the way. In order to not only make real progress in the midst of a busy life, but to also feel like you’re making progress, clean one room at a time.

Photo via The Kitchn

A good general schedule looks like this:

1.Master Bedroom/Bathroom

2.Kids’ Bedrooms

3.Living Room/Dining Room



6.Entryway/Hallway/Small Rooms

This will allow you to either finish your cleaning in one week (with a day of catch-up or rest!) or finish in three weekends.

3. Embrace The Tried and True, But Learn The Quality Hacks

Not every cleaning “hack” you see floating around the internet is practical or even time-saving. Sometimes you just need to simply use the tried and true method of… scrubbing. There are times when there is no way around it. However, here are a few quality cleaning hacks that can help your spring cleaning endeavors:

Image and Hack from Joyful Homemaking featured in Picky Stitch’s bathroom hacks!

DIY & Crafts has a list of 25 hacks that will not only help you with your spring cleaning today, but also help keep everything clean for longer.

Picky Stitch has 12 bathroom cleaning hacks for you too!

4. Keep The Cleaning Supplies Simple

One of the best ways to make the spring-cleaning process quicker is not have a billion different cleaning supplies or tools for each little cleaning job. Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you money. If you are looking for a cheap and green option, a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can clean almost every nook and cranny in your house (though here is a handy list of six places to not use vinegar!). You can also find kid-safe multipurpose cleaners that will do the job just fine as well.

A vinegar-based cleaning recipe from Hello Splendid!

5. Hire Out What You Can

Repeat after me: there is no shame in not doing everything myself. That is your spring cleaning mantra. Get the whole family involved in the process, but also know help is there for a reason. So take advantage of it. You can hire a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpets; you can hire out the cleaning of your windows or deep bathroom cleaning. If money is an issue, try online resources such as Groupon to help you find discounted options.

Do you have any home quick cleaning tricks you’d like to share? Comment below to let me know or share your tips and tricks by tagging @justsayinvinyl onFacebook,Instagram orTwitter, and we’ll repost our favorites!

See you next week!


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