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A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur: Krystal from Raw Metal Decor

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This week, I’m thrilled to be featuring beautiful, super creative mama, Krystal of Raw Metal Decor.

Krystal creates and sells gorgeous custom laser cut metal signage and decor through her Etsy shop. She balances life as a busy mom to a toddler and two teenage girls with life as a busy entrepreneur by running her business out of ¼ of her garage (the rest is “MAN” space, according to her hubs!).

I loved getting to know more about Krystal -- what motives her, who inspires her -- and also get a behind-the-scenes peek into her process (spoiler alert: it’s all about batching your work!)

Once you’ve read through, have a look through her shop and get inspired by all the things she can create for you! And make sure to read through to the end because, as always, we’ve put together a very special giveaway for you!


Krystal in action!

Take it away, Krystal!

What are the top five essentials in your daily working process:

*Coffee, Pandora Radio, Palm Sander, Nail Gun, Inspiration.

What time of day do you work most efficiently?

Usually early morning. My toddler has pretty good independent play time and I'm able to get a decent amount of work done. He has his own Home Depot work bench and play tools and can "work" next to me. Nap time is also a must time for work.


A perfect gift: the family name mounted on a wine glass decor display!

Can you share more about your workspace?

The garage has been claimed to be "MAN" space. But, being the supportive guy he is has let me and my production move in on 1/4 of the garage space. It might not sound like much but I've rearranged the garage to make the most of the space and it works out quite well. (I cover the motorcycle with a blanket to keep the sawdust off it for him).

Do you listen to music while you work? What’s on rotation currently?

YES, YES, YES. I'm a huge Pandora listener. I listen to everything from Classic Country to Old School Hip Hop, to Punk and Ska. Lately I've been Ska Radio. Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. Up beat and fast paced makes for speedy production.

What’s your biggest tip for productivity?

GET A BABY SITTER!!!!! Then don't work on one piece at a time. Instead, cut all the wood first for multiple pieces. Sand them all. Process all the metal for the orders at once. That way you can work in more of an assembly line rather than going back and forth. It has proven to help me with my time frames.


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What is your favorite working pick-me-up?

Circle K fountain Coke and a Snickers bar.

What’s your mantra?

If i had to pick I'd have to say "You get back what you put out". That or "Karma's A Bitch"

Who are your role models?

I'm always inspired my my family and friends. I like to surround myself with people who are great influences. I try to eliminate what some would call "toxic" people from my circle. My parents, in-laws, close family, and friends are always making me proud of the people they are and continue to become.


Inspiration is one of the essentials of my work day, too! That, and a strong cup of coffee.

Stay updated on all the creative things Krystal’s getting up to by following her on Instagram and through her Etsy shop, Raw Metal Decor.

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see you next week!




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