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5 Outdoor Activities To Do As A Family

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By the middle of spring, most places in the country are enjoying warmer and sunnier weather. No more chilly or snowy afternoons means it is time to get everyone outside to enjoy the beauty. While it is always great to encourage the kids to play outside, it is just as important to get out as an entire family. You are able to bond with your little ones while getting some sunshine and exercise yourself.

Here are five fun outdoor activity ideas that will please grownups and kids alike!

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

How To Nest For Less has created a brilliant and free scavenger hunt printable that will get the whole family outside to search for fun treasures. The list includes activities like: finding something red, touching something smooth, and searching for something square. This scavenger hunt could easily be done in the frontyard/backyard, or you could take a trip to the park.

Print off the amazing free printable from How To Nest For Less

2. Sidewalk Chalk Constellations

Sidewalk chalk is a beloved activity (we used it too while growing up!). A fun way to combine outdoor play with a little education is to build a constellation driveway or sidewalk. The Creekside Learning blog shows us how to create these constellation patterns with the kids by combining chalk and small yard rocks.

Get some chalk constellation pattern inspiration at Creekside Learning

3. Trampoline Hopscotch

We all know that kids love jumping on trampolines, but mom or dad can get an incredible workout when they get in there and jump too (bonus: you will laugh a lot more with the kiddos than you would on a treadmill). Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw out a hopscotch course on the trampoline. Then take turns with the kids. Sure, you’ll probably stumble at some point, but they will adore seeing you have fun.

Get other fun trampoline ideas at Rave & Review

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is basically hide and seek on the grandest scale. You are sure to find a geocaching site (cache) near you. All you have to do is login online to see where the nearest cache is, and then you and the kids can go on the ultimate game of hide and seek. Try taking fun pictures along the way. Whimsical gives you a step-by-step rundown on how to do it.

Find more fun details at Whimsicle

5. DIY Tetherball

Tetherball is the quintessential schoolyard game, and it just so happens to be easy to build your own tetherball court. Style with Cents offers simple instructions to build an inexpensive tetherball pole in your own backyard. Once it is up, your whole family can go out to play all the time. You’ll feel like a kid again in no time!

See the full instructions on Style with Cents

What outdoor activities do you enjoy doing as an entire family? Share your fun ideas with us by tagging us (we’re @justsayinvinyl) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we’ll post our favorites!

To silliness and sunshine,


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