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​5 Decor Trends to Bring Into Your Home This Summer

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As we approach this warm season, we often want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. That doesn’t mean we should forget about the inside of our homes! After all, summer is the time for inviting friends and family over for dinners and BBQ lunches. Bringing in some new life to your home will make you excited to show off your house to your summer guests.

Here is a list of some of this year’s best decor trends that you could incorporate into your home this summer:

  1. White

For many years, summer was the time to start bringing pops of color into your home. This summer is different. White is all the rage in home decor. Think of this crisp, clean neutral as a blank canvas for you to work with.

Lovely white bedroom inspiration from One Kindesign.

If you want to take on a bigger project, try repainting a dark or brightly colored room in your house with a bright and cheery white. For smaller time schedules and budgets, try replacing your bed’s colorful comforter or duvet with a simple white blanket, or buy a soft throw to place over the back of your living room couch 

2. Marble

Keeping to the white frenzy, carrara marble is trendy right now. Take only a few minutes to scroll through Pinterest, and you’re sure to see this white and blue-grey marble gracing one countertop after another. Unless you have the budget already set to go for a kitchen or bathroom redesign, adding marble countertops to your home may be out of reach.

A beautiful marble kitchen utensil holder from West Elm.

Try adding in a few marble elements instead. A white marble clock, an end table, or even a utensil holder could still bring that simple, yet chic look into your space with way less effort and money

3. Greenery

Leave the colorful flowers outside this summer season, and stick with greenery inside your home. From tiny succulents on a tabletop to large leafy indoor trees in the corner of a room, live greenery is everywhere in home decor this year.

Gorgeously green DIY from Craft and Creativity

The Craft and Creativity blog has a fun and easy DIY for small, hanging planters. With only cord, terracotta pots, some white paint, and a small plant, your home will be looking “Instagram photo approved” in no time

4. Exposed Light Bulbs

Who needs a lampshade anymore? Not you if you try out the industrial exposed light bulb trend. Once again, this decor choice focuses on simplicity and minimalism. Essentially, you are letting the light bulb and the light be all the lighting decor you need.

Apartment Therapy shares exposed light bulbs that are in a kid-safe position!

If you have little ones at home, you will probably want to limit this decor choice to hanging bulbs that stay up high. That way no busy fingers find their way to an electric source.

5. Wall Art

If white is the trendy blank canvas, wall art is the paint. With simple colors of white or grey around your room, you are free to get creative and try new wall art in your space. You may consider a gallery wall of artwork, personal family photos, and little sentimental hangings you’ve picked up throughout the years.

Shop fabulous decals like this one at our store!

Another option to consider is one of our vinyl wall decals. Quotes are still popular and so is “home state” art. These vinyls are a quick and lovely way to bring new life to any room in your home this summer.

Are there any decor trends you’ve brought into your home recently? Share your design brilliance with us by tagging us (we’re @justsayinvinyl) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we’ll post our favorites!

Until next week!


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