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1. How many decals will fit on my wall?

It totally depends how you want to space them and place them. Your best (and safest) bet would be to take out a measuring tape and a pencil and make your plan for the space before purchasing vinyl wall graphics. 

2. Do the decals work on textured walls?
It's not something that we recommend as we can't guarantee that it will work. It totally depends on the type of texture. We are more than happy to send you a sample to test out on your wall. Please contact with your shipping address for free samples.

3. My shipment has been damaged in transit, what do I do?
Fortunately, the vinyl is super resilient, and unless the vinyl itself has been ripped or torn, it will still go on the wall just as it should. Apply it to the wall, and if you have any issues at all we will help you to find a solution. ‚Äč

4. Do we accept exchanges and returns? 
All JustSayin vinyl wall decals are made to order and therefore exchanges and returns are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and we'll figure it out!

5. I've just painted my walls. How long should I wait to install my decals?
We suggest 30 days to allow for the paint to dry before decals are applied. If you don't wait, decals may meld with your paint and cause damage when they come off the wall. 

6. Can these be re-used? 
While our decals can be removed with no damage to the walls, they can not be re-used. They are meant for one-time use.